Ways to give

One of the most important ways you can help is by making a donation!

How You Can Help


One of the most important ways you can help is by making a donation!

As a nonprofit organization, South Texas Persian Rescue is entirely funded by the generosity and kindness of individuals and businesses. By donating, you become a critical part of our mission to rescue and give us the ability to find loving homes, provide education and services to the people and cats of our community.

This is a volunteer run rescue and our donation is tax-deductible goes directly to the cats ensuring that we can offer safe refuge for lost, abandoned and abused animals.

Join Us in Saving Lives

Your generosity helps us save the lives of our rescues. Every donation goes to work immediately for foster care, adoptions, and medical care.
We could not do this without your support! Thank You!

One Time Donation

Health & Medical Care Donation

  • Microchip $10

    A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted just under the skin, between the shoulder blades at the back of the cat's neck. Every microchip has a unique number which will pull up the cat's and owner's details on the microchip database registry.

    *** There are an estimated 8 to 10 Million Lost, Abandoned, and Homeless Pets that end up in shelters each year in North America. Sadly, it's been approximated that 2 Million of those are due to THEFT! Without Microchipping it's almost impossible to reunite pets with their owners.
    *** We Microchip and Register Every Cat! This is the only way to ensure the chances of recovering your lost or stolen cat.

  • Vaccinations $25

    Rabies: Its essential that we keep our pets protected in case they are exposed to other infected animals. Rabies is a very severe disease that is predominately fatal for unvaccinated pets.

    FVRCP: This is a an important part of a cat's health routine. It prevents potentially three deadly airborne viruses, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia.

  • Testing for Feline Aids / Feline Leukemia $50

    It's essential that we test for Feline Aids & Leukemia to ensure the safety of the cat, our rescue's current population and the future placement of the cat in their forever home. The cats we rescue come from complex backgrounds, often outside or in health compromised situations.

    Feline Aids (FIV): FIV is an untreatable viral infection. It is spread through deep bite wounds, sexual contact, & from queens to kittens. Cats who are FIV+ can live long, full lives. But this virus can impact overall health - especially oral health.

    Feline Leukemia (FeLV): FELV is likewise an untreatable viral infection. It can be spread through innocent contact (sharing litterboxes, food/water dishes, sneezes, communal grooming) as well as fighting, sexual contact, and from queens to kittens. FELV has profound impact on a cat's health & often leads to early death.

  • Neuter $75

    Neutering reduces male cats' risk for prostate issues and testicular cancer. The procedure also decreases the risk of feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline Aids (FIV). Un-neutered male cats are more likely to fight and inflict deep bite wounds and that can transmit these infections diseases.

    *** Limits Cat Community Overpopulation!!! Across America Millions Cats are Euthanized every year, because of the struggle to maintain the strays and the endless need for animal shelters.

  • Spay $100

    Spaying helps prevents uterine infections, breast tumors and eliminates her risk for ovarian cancer. Taking the preventive step of Spaying a cat before her first heat offers the best protection from not developing pyometra (often fatal infection of the uterus). Spaying also changes behaviors, cats are less likely to roam, reduces the urge to fight and reduces/eliminates spraying.

    *** Limits Cat Community Overpopulation!!! Across America Millions Cats are Euthanized every year, because of the struggle to maintain the strays and the endless need for animal shelters.

  • Basic Dental Cleaning $150

    We strive to be proactive about getting every cat healthy which includes dental health. Dental issues such as tartar, gingivitis or painful teeth that can have serious impact on overall health and can develop into needing to undergo expensive dental surgery. Cats can't tell us that their mouth hurts or has a toothache, it's difficult to tell if they are feeling discomfort when eating.
    Exams Include: * Digital dental X-rays to assess for disease below the gum line * Physical evaluation of the teeth and gums * Ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque and tartar above and below the gum line * Polishing of each tooth to smooth the enamel, making it harder for plaque and tartar to stick * Fluoride and/or sealants to further protect and strengthen teeth * Extractions for teeth that are broken or damaged by disease

  • Senior Cat's Bloodwork $250

    It's essential to do a full wellness bloodwork to detect early or hidden diseases, and monitor stable but ongoing health problems. There are several categories of tests that is necessary for senior cats due to their higher risk of underlying health issues. * Complete Blood Count: Test for red (oxygen to tissue) & white blood cells (fight infection, respond to inflammation and platelets for helping the blood to clot) * Biochemistry Profile: Panel to provide information about organs and tissues of the body and helps to detect diabetes and various other disorders. * Urinalysis: Routine test to report the physical and chemical status of a cat's kidneys and urinary system. * Thyroid: Checks the thyroid gland which maintains the metabolic rate. Thyroid disease is common in older cats and puts a strain on the heart, liver and kidneys.

Every Little Bit Helps

Monthly Donations

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