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We try to match up our cats with the best possible living environment for everyone involved. Some cats need to be in homes with no children, no dogs, no other cats - and some cats LOVE children, dogs, and/or other cats! We want to make sure that everyone in the family is happy!​

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We try to match up our cats with the best possible living environment for everyone involved. Some cats need to be in homes with no children, no dogs, no other cats – and some cats LOVE children, dogs, and/or other cats! We want to make sure that everyone in the family is happy!​ 

The first step to adoption is completing the application. The application is available for download here on the website.  Two personal references and a vet reference are required (three personal references if you do not have a veterinary reference).  After we received a completed application, and the initial checks have been conducted, a phone interview is required.  If all goes well, you will be approved to adopt one of our cats!

After approval, an appointment is set up for you to come and meet the cat(s).  We do not ship or provide any transportation. You will have to travel to San Antonio to meet and pick up your cat.

Due to the ever spreading of COVID-19, we have made the decision to make some changes to how we do adoptions.

We will basically be doing “curbside hands free” adoptions. Here’s how it will be done:

1 – Once the application is approved, an appointment will be set with the foster home.

2 – The adoption contract will be emailed to the adopter prior to the appointment, the electronic signature will be completed & emailed back to STPR.

3 – Adoption fee will be paid via PayPal or Venmo (prior to cat leaving foster home).

4 – Upon their arrival at the STPR foster home, the adopter will place their carrier on the front porch and return to their car (during the appointment, the adopter will stay in their car the whole time).

5 – Adopters will call foster parents to announce their arrival.

6 – Foster will retrieve the carrier, place the cat in the carrier, and bring the cat/carrier out to the adopter’s car.

7 – Masks will be worn by both parties at all times (fosters will also be wearing disposable gloves).

What this means is there will be no entry into STPR foster homes and there will be no “visiting” of the cats.

We have implemented these practices to better ensure the safety of all parties involved. We thank you for your cooperation.

STPR Board

An application must be completed and approved prior to the scheduling of visits to our foster home(s). 

We do require that a legally binding adoption contract be signed prior to completion of the adoption. This contract states, among other things, that you will provide food, water, veterinary care; that if the adoption does not work out, you will contact us for return of the cat.  

We do have a kitten policy for our cats under 12 months of age.  We will only adopt kittens in to homes that either already have another kitten/young cat OR a second kitten/young cat must be adopted along with the first kitten.

We do not accept checks.  Adoption donations must be paid by cash or credit/debit card through Paypal.  

Except for the Persians, Himalayans, Exotic Shorthair  and Ragdolls cats listed on this site, South Texas Persian Rescue cannot guarantee the parentage or breed of cats on this site (unless otherwise noted that the cat is “purebreed”)

Click Here to Download the Adoption Application – Complete and submit by email toSTxPersianRescue@gmail.com

Adoption Donation Fees – Our adoptions are as follows: adult cat is $150-$250, kitten is $175 to $275.  Donation fees may vary based on age, breed, and declaw status.  This fee includes the basic vetting detailed below.  

Veterinary Care Provided to each cat – All cats are treated for any known existing medical condition(s).  They are spayed/neutered, FIV/FELV tested, and given all necessary immunizations before adoption.  In addition, all cats are de-wormed and flea treated.

We often have more cats than are posted here on the website!! We almost always have cats that are recovering from illness, injury, ect. You can see these cats here.  We can approve an adoption before these cats are ready for adoption and “hold” the cat until they are ready to go home!

Cats are social creatures (in spite of what many people think!). Most of them enjoy the company of other cats. They love to romp and play with other felines. They love to cuddle and sleep with other cats. Cats who have cat friends tend to be, in our opinion, happier and more social creatures. And, overall, they tend to be more well adjusted.

To us, any cat under 12 months is a kitten, a baby. And babies need special care and consideration. So we do have special adoption requirements for our kittens. We require that our kittens either be adopted along with a second kitten or a young cat (4 years and under) OR that there already be a second kitten/young in the adopter’s home.

In general, it boils down to this: having feline companionship is in the best interest of the kitten. It makes for a happier kitty. And happier cat means happier adopter.


Fees may vary based on age, breed, and declaw status.

Medical Care covered by the Fees

All cats receive these services upon intake.


All cats receive these services upon intake.

Specialized Care

Provide to cats on an as needed basis. We treat any condition this is identified and treatable by the Veterinarian.

Adoption Application Form

South Texas Persian Rescue, we take our animal adoptions very seriously but our policies are simple. We have an obligation to see that every animal is adopted into a responsible home. We only place animals with caring people who are concerned with the well-being of the animal. Thank you!
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